World’s first soap-proof “washable” smartphone debuts in Japan

Annoyed by the blemishes or marks on your smartphone or concerned by the germs on it… Worry not as world’s first washable (literally it can be scrubbed with soap and all the dirt, dust and fingerprints can be washed off) smartphone is about to be launched in Japan next Friday.

Washable smartphones are aplenty in the market, but there is not even one that can be soaked in water with soap. Telecom firm KDDI is pitching it’s new, state of the art “Digno Rafre” smartphone is the only one that can tolerate a soapy bath.

The company’s spokesman announced, “Our development team washed the smartphone more than 700 times to test its durability.”

KDDI released a brilliantly acted online commercial targeting to prove its credentials, the ad showed a kid dropping the smartphone into a plate of food and ketchup. His mother simply picks up the phone assures her family members that the red globes on it are not to be worried about and she cleans the phone using soap under running water. The Rafre is manufactured to be used in all sort of conditions and environments without any concern of getting messed up as it can be hygienically cleaned up using soap. However, KDDI also forewarned that only certain specific types of foamy soaps which will be sold only in Japan for the time being are to be used for cleaning this smartphone.

Digno Rafre has a 5” touchscreen and 720p display it comes with Android 5.1 has a 13-megapixel camera and a 3,000mAh battery inside a 10.1mm-thick frame. Its touch panel works even when wet, it’s endowed with a scratch healing finish the way LG is providing to its high-end phones. Another typical feature of the Rafre is Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver, the bone-conducting technology that produces audio without any external speaker. Digno Rafre will be released through carrier KDDI for ¥57,420, or about $465 next Friday.

A research carried out by WSJ claims that a particularly high number of coliform bacteria (associated with faecal waste) is noticed on every phone after its excessive use. So those concerned with germs related hygiene can cast their worries aside, thanks to Dingo Rafre.

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