Women face physical and sexual violence due to lack of toilets

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How will you feel if you have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and go out for some work? Well! An obvious answer – a big NO.
Life of women is not easier in any which way in our Mahan Bharat. While parents always encumber girls from going out , wearing western clothes or go out of the house just to keep the wolf away from door, there is something more humiliating and crass for the poor women in India.
In Mewat district of Haryana, women had to go at 3: 00 am before the sun rose and late in the dark till 2011, to relieve themselves as the village had no toilets. Why so early? Because they were suffocated by the staring looks and comments of drunken men and passer by slogging around. Even they threw stones at them. During monsoons, area would be flooded with water increasing fear of snake and scorpion bites. Their characteristic needs are not met in the whole day. They can either go in early morning or in late evening and this is dreadful to their well being. Now Community toilets are there which have provided them with superficial relief only.
The situation near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station in New Delhi is even worse. People have Televisions, Fridge and even coolers but not even a single toilet in area. Even in the isolated places, men of other community hide and watch women defecating. It is even unsafe for those men and children who squat on railway tracks as trains keep coming.
It is macabre to realize that something like this happens in the heart of the capital city of India. To add to the list of surprises (Rather shocks) 4260 crore budget from center plus 1000 crores from state government was passed last year for building toilets, sanitation facilities and lavatories in rural areas and still 10 crore households in rural areas don’t have toilets. Census reveals that less than half of Indian households had a toilet at home. And there were more households with a mobile phone than with a toilet.
There is a major correlation between crime against women and availability of sanitation facilities. . As indicated by a current BBC news report, a senior cop in Bihar said somewhere in the range of 400 ladies would have “got away” assault a year ago in the event that they had toilets in their homes.
“They deserve basic human dignity”.
With poor and unhygienic sanitation conditions and lavatory facilities, a pathetic shadow tears away between dignity and privacy of women. We are not only robbing women of their privacy but the basic respect that every human deserve.
Even after so many appeals of locals, authorities turn a blind eye towards their basic amenities. Well, what we see that even after so many “din”, our long craved “achey din” has not arrived.
We see so many people participating in the anti-rape campaigns, is not that needed to give voice to this issue. After double – rape cum murder case in Badaun, National Human Rights Commission issued a statement that more toilets will curb the rape cases.
Men need to be motivated that they should not undermine the value of society and humanity and treat women with respect. If the same happens with their kin, how they would feel? NGOs had been playing a significant role in bringing awareness about sanitation, health and hygiene and sensitizing people morally about the issue, but more needs to be done.


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