Which Planet Attracts You The Most?

Which planet attracts you the most, your answer will reveal your universal life energy.

Planets are living breathing organisms in themselves which have a vibrational value. Their energy also effects our vibrational field and energy. As each planet has its own unique energy, whatever planet you are attracted to will help you decode your universal life energy or the code of your soul that never changes.

1. Jupiter
Jupiter is the planet of expansion and expression. If you are attracted to this planet it means you are a naturally giving soul. It may be so that you will give in this life more than you receive, you are an evolved being and you are born in this human form for a reason. You have incarnated for the last time before you finally move to a higher dimesnsion. Beware of being ensnared by one or two people – family or lovers, you were not born to just help a few, but the Earth needs you.

2. Mars
Mars is the planet of passion, drive and determination. You are somebody who makes things happen. You have the power to change your life and if you feel you are not this person you have not fully realised your true identity. You were born to be daring and courageous and nothing is meant to dim your fire. If you choose Mars, your life is cyclic and there are patterns, you will notice them in life and eventually break out of it too. You are here to live with passion and not worry about things.

3. Mercury
People who choose mercury as their soul planet are very rare to find. It is the fastest moving planet and similarly, you are somebody who will get things done. Your intuition is key to your success, you must learn to trust the moments of inspiration that pop in your mind. The sooner you act on those ideas, the more ideas flow to you. As you act on your intuition, remember you are aligned with your soul path and you will balance your God life and Spiritual abundance.

4. Neptune
Neptune is associated with Mind, Body, Spirit, and Past, Present, Future. It is the planet of psychics, intuitive, spiritualists and souls who have lived on many planets, not just Earth. It is associated with magic, dreams, psychology and hidden emotions. There is so much more to you than meets the eye. Your Soul is as mysterious as the planet itself. If Neptune is your Soul planet you are born to lead others by example. Even if you do not realise it, you are doing it for others all your life.

5. Saturn
If you choose Saturn as your Soul Planet, it indicates steady progress. Very little is achieved without Saturn’s influence – you are the glue that binds others together. Your soul emits a facilitating energy – which makes you a key team player. You enable others to shine in their own light and make their life their own creation. Though very dependable, if people cross you, you can simply wind them out of your life.

6. Venus
If you choose Venus as your Soul planet you are full of love and joy and you have so much light within to share with others. Love and good relations are essential to you in your life. Venus is the planet of birth and fertility and brings life and creativity to this world. Venus is also the planet of compassion – most who are venus souls are healers and empaths, your life purpose is to serve and live for others.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in SpeakingTree by Radhika Mahrotra.

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