The Great Indian Rape Story

It is not always women who are harassed , men suffer a lot due to false rape allegations

A normal day it was. I boarded metro to reach my destination. In the third or fourth station, a man with wan face looking so worried entered the coach. He was talking to someone over phone. As I was standing beside him, I could clearly listen what he was saying. His face struck with pall of tragedy and voice soaked in melancholy. Slowly he talked so that no one around could hear anything. I heard “ Apko lgata hai ye sab mene kia hoga” , “ vo mujhe fasa rahi hai” , ”aisa na hota toh agle din landline se call krke 20 lakh kyu mangti “, “ main kya karu – apne ghar valo ki roti bi ni chala paunga, marne ke alava koi rasta nai hoga” .After two – three stations only he deboarded the train . But it was not tough for me to identify the topic he was talking about. It seemed that some woman had alleged him of false rape case and then demanding him money to take back the case.

Well! It may sound impugning but it is a bitter reality accepted by the judges of Supreme and High court also. According to the Delhi Court, things have come to such a pass after the Nirbhaya gang rape in December that the mere statement of a woman about rape is accepted as truth, and complaint is being lodged against the alleged accused immediately. Gulab Gang of Bihar conducted a survey where they found that 70% of rape cases are lodged on false basis. The reasons are either to churn out the chunks of money from falsely accused by tampering his dignity and staining his image by slapping him with the false rape case or to avenge the person for some past conflicts .
“This led to an unprecedented surge in filing of false rape cases… It is these false cases which play havoc with the crime statistics, leading to the labeling of Delhi as a rape capital,” additional sessions judge Virender Bhat said while acquitting Bhopal Sharma- a 75-year-old man of the charge of sexually assaulting his maid.

Sharma and his neighbor Anita became friends when they met in a hospital where his ailing wife was admitted. After Sharma’s wife died, Anita arranged a maid for him. The woman, who is in her 30s, alleged that a few days after she started working for Sharma in July 2012, he raped her and then promised to marry her, they remained in a sexual relationship, she claimed, till the time Sharma reneged on his promise. She lodged a police complaint on October 11, 2012.

However, during the trial, the woman turned hostile and said she had leveled false allegations at the behest of Anita and another person, Kuldeep, to usurp Sharma’s property. Expressing the need for courts to be empowered to award compensation to false rape case victims, the judge also lamented that the media turn a blind eye to falsely accused alleged in such cases.

In the above case the court observed that such cases are hardly ever reported, the falsely implicated persons lose their honor, dignity and status in society, and while these cannot be restored, “these victims” can be compensated so that they can start life afresh. But however for these victims life turns so obnoxious that what just want is the “peace of mind and a piece of paper” stating that complaint lodged against them was false.

It was also noted in the court’s judgment that , “it is a matter of intense regret that even the frail, sick and aged persons are not spared the false allegation of rape”.

Sometimes, such people are not able to revive out of the grief leading to harsh and fatal decisions. The people who toss the dignity and honor of the person in the public domain for just a few bucks do not even give a thought that how that person will earn money or restore his normal life with the burden of depression and torrent of self- loathing. For the Indian society, it just becomes a matter of gossip, which is passed around in equal measure, a terse example of mockery without giving a second thought. Just think what will happen to the future of the son or daughter whose father is being burdened with such a colossal false allegation.

It is true that cases like Badaun Rape case, Nirbhaya Rape case do exist , and should be dealt very strictly but what needs to be done is to check the genuineness of the complaint thoroughly . In this only polices and the judiciary can play a prominent role as the falsely accused person, or should be referred as the real victim stands deprived of any power or prerogative .The authorities need to take a strict action against those who assume it as a mode of business or the sensitive weapon to ruin anyone’s image and hence their life.

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