Science Says That All: “Why Women Sometimes Should Be Superior To Men”

Absolutely no offence to all boys or men out there, but science have all answers to an old existing debate.

Women are smarter and simply more amazing. However there are always some exceptions but those are obviously excluded. You will definitely agree to this if you go through the article thoroughly. So let see what science has to say.

  • Women are smarter

You already know how IQ of a person states his or her mental ability. So let me tell you that Women’s IQ scores are higher than that of men. I am not boasting but according to James Flynn, an IQ expert, women across the USA, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand have been consistently securing higher score than men on IQ tests.

  • Women have better memory than men.

A study at Aston University in England estimates that women are better than men at remembering things two minutes, 15 minutes, and 24 hours after learning them. A Mayo Clinic study said that women naturally have a better sense of memory than men.

  • Women handle stress better than men.

Female brains secrete more oxytocin than male brains, making women more calm and compose than men.

  • Women are mutitaskers

Again this can be experienced on daily basis that a woman can do lots of things together. She can talk on phone while cooking and also handle her crying baby at the same time. If you give just even two tasks to a man at the same time they will get frustrated in a very single minute.

  • Women have better leadership qualities.

Take a note at your workplace and observe carefully that a woman is a better leader and again this is too proved scientifically. They are more humble and coordinate better with their co workers. They are more compassionate and loyal towards their employees as well as their work. They are better in terms of handling stress and reacting over situations. They are multitaskers, they can manage multiple work and people at the same. Also they work better in difficult situations as mentioned above.

  • Women are better computer programmers than men.

Now this is against every possible sexist stereotype, but a study at the University of Sussex concluded that that created much more highly sophisticated coding systems when designing 3D games than boys.

  • Women are better with money than men.

Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research conducted a study and found that female investors draws a higher return on their investment than men, this is mainly because testosterone impels men to take unnecessary risks. A study by Merrill Lynch also says that women sell off their bad investments faster than men.

  • Women are better as a student than men.

A joint study by the University of Georgia and Columbia University revealed that female students are better at acquiring and retaining knowledge than men. Also a statistics drawn by Department of Education shows that drop out cases are more of men than women.

  • Women are better at finding things than men.

Now there is no need for science to prove this. We all know what we can’t find our mothers, wives, girlfriends and sisters can. Also if we take an example, we know that men usually remember directions for a place while women can locate the place easily by remembering the landmarks. It is easy for a woman to built a picture in their mind.

  • Women are more sensual than men.

According to Israel Abramov a researcher in New York, women have an ability to precisely distinguish between similar looking colors. That is why for a man brick red, cherry red, blood red, crimson etc are all red for them. Women also have a stronger sense of hearing and can differentiate between different scents far better than men can.

  • Women are cleaner than men

 A study at San Diego State University reveals that in an office men’s desks contain far more germs than women’s desks. Also if you see a man’s bedroom you will find it is more clumsy and dirty in 90% of the cases.

  • Women have better immune systems than men.

Estrogen hormone is present in a woman which gives women a better natural defence mechanism against bacteria and viruses, revealed by study conducted at McGill University.

  • Women tolerate pain better than men.

Ok now this is actually true, take a wax strip and use it on a man you will get your answer. So let us talk seriously, if you know that how much a woman experience pain while giving a birth, men will do admit that they cannot bear such pain. Also an episode of the show Myth Busters proved that women can hold their hands in freezing water 19% longer than those crybaby men.

  • Women live longer than men.

Sorry men! But this is also true that women live about five years longer than men do. And now what else could be a greater evidence to prove female biological superiority. The New England Centenary study reveals that of all the people in the world who are older than 100, 85% of them are women.

So all guys out there stop criticizing a woman and boasting about your superiority.

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