Russia supports US draft resolution on cutting ISIS funding: Putin

Moscow: President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced that Russia endorsed a US-approved draft resolution directed at elevating sanctions countering the Islamic State sect and intercepting its revenue flows.

Putin declared in an annual news conference that earlier this week he discussed the draft resolution with US Secretary of State John Kerry, he said, “”We support an initiative by the United States including on the preparation of a UN Security Council resolution on Syria.”

“On the whole, it suits us,” he told reporters. “We believe that on the whole it’s an acceptable proposal although some things still need to be worked out.”He further added that he trusts the Syrian authorities would accept the draft resolution as well urging both sides to accommodate.”Concessions should be done on both sides,” he told, underlining Russia’s readiness to help negotiate the situation.

He advanced for a collective effort on Syria’s new constitution, reckoning that a “transparent” system was required which will help Syrians administer democratic elections and appoint a leader.

Later today the UN Security Council holds a convention of finance ministers to endorse a wide-ranging draft resolution aimed at cutting off the ISIS’s funding. Jacob Lew, US Treasury Secretary will chair the 15-member committee for the vote that comes amidst a major diplomatic thrust to give the knockout punch to the war in Syria.

Putin today repeated that Russian forces in Syria have been contributing support from air to a few armed opposition factions fighting the ISIS.He announced that have “found contacts” with people among the “armed, uncompromising” resistance in Syria. He did not specifically mention what rebel groups he was implying to but said “We support their efforts in fighting ISIL with Russian air strikes.”

Syrian opposition forces have repeatedly rejected the prospects of collaborating with the regime or Russia and there has been no clue or confirmation of such assistance, however, the Russian military has declared that some bombings use coordinates collected from rebel groups. Since the September end at the call of President Bashar al-Assad, Russia has been conducting air strikes in the war-torn nation while a US-led alliance is carrying out its own crusade focusing on the ISIS.Putin also declined to put a timeframe on the Syrian offensive.

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