Renewed Zing in American – French Alliance against ISIS

Washington – United States and France concurred to intensify the efforts to tackle ISIS, the terrorist organisation that killed 130 people in Paris on 13th of this month, pledging to step up co-operation and increasing air strikes versus the militants in Syria and Iraq.

French president Francois Hollande and his American counterpart Barack Obama held an hour long joint press conference in White House making it clear that US-French bond is stronger than ever after they met as part of Mr Hollande’s swift diplomatic thrust to inspire world leaders to shape a better integrated alliance in fight against ISIS. In order to intensify the fight against ISIS, Hollande is embarking on various meetings this week, he met David Cameron, UK prime minister on Monday, he is meeting Angela Merkel, German chancellor today and Vladimir Putin, Russian President tomorrow.

Obama announced, “Nous sommes tous Francais” implying that we are all French. Obama remembered a French newspaper header which wrote, “Nous sommes tous Americains” in the wake of 9 11 attacks on American soil. About the attacks on France, Obama added, “When tragedy struck that evening, our hearts broke too, In that stadium and that concert hall, in those restaurants and cafes, we see our own. In the face of French people, we see ourselves” . This is in spite of the fact that these two leaders have divergent analysis of Russia’s agreement of aligning in fighting and operations in Syria.

Mr. Obama prepared no specific new steps which America will publicly take but proposed that the attacks might lead Europe to approach this threat in a more proactive manner. He further revealed Hollande that America is united in “Total Solidarity” with France against ISIS, which he called “a scourge that threatens all of us”.
US president’s statements came after two leaders met behind closed doors in the Oval office for the first time after Paris attacks.

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