December 16 has just become a faded memory. Since then it has been 3 years when a girl was brutally raped in a moving bus. Her rape led to uproar of voices, severe protests, and implementation of new laws and awakening of society. Yet, nothing has changed. The cases of women harassment, molestations and rape has just incremented in the span of three years. A girl is still not comfortable sitting in a public transport, men still misbehave with women ,they stare in the most miserable manner and pass lewd comments, autorikshas still refuse women passengers, no patrol officers on the roads and unlit dark streches make women feel vulnerable in the capital. In the last three months itself the Delhi witnessed,more than 100 cases were reported of rape only. In October police registered a gruesome rape of a 2 and a half year old girl by 2 men in Nangloi and another of a 5 year old by 3 men in east Delhi’s Anand vihar. On 11 December only 3 F.I.R were registered by Delhi police. Three minors were attacked by their own family members. A 7 year old girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her 40 year old father in Delhi’s Bhalswa dairy area. 12 year old was allegedly raped by her father at a hotel in Delhi’s paharganj area, he lured girl with gifts to keep her mother unaware about the episode. Another 12 year was repeatedly raped by uncle for past few months. More cases on 12th when a 7 year old girl was raped by 3 men who were the neighbors in south Delhi’s Tigri. Another 14 year girl who was going to school in the morning was abducted by 6 men and raped her inside a car in Dichaon village. Even while writing this, a case arrived of a 25 year old woman who is raped by 3 men at south west Delhi’s Dadri.

New Delhi has now become a “RAPE CAPITAL”, the numbers say it all. After 2012, in 2013 – 1570 rape cases, 3344 molestations, 879 harassment cases were registered. In 2014- 2069 rape 4175 molestations and 1282 harassment cases and in 2015 more than 7000 cases of rape cases registered. Many other cases against women including assauts, dowry death cases were reported and we never know how much are left unreported and unsolved. Certain changes came in laws but left with no significance.6 fast track courts were established after dec 16 gang rape for ensuring speedy justice to victims, still over 1300 cases were pending in these courts. To compensate, under recommendations of justice verma committee these fast track courts were revived for proper law enforcement however the government ignored their suggestions regarding witness protections, victim’s sentimental needs etc. According to an article published by T.O.I 70% of accused against the heinous crime against women are still moving free.

A girl or woman is a sister, a daughter, a wife, a lover and a mother. But she is betrayed by every relationship. A raped victim is left alone with no trustworthy relationship. She is raped by either a father, a friend, a husband, a brother and even by her beloved (a dalit girl who was gang raped by her boyfriend) Even when the rapist is a stranger or just an aqquantaince, he unbound her sentiments and the sentiments of a relationship as he might be a father of his daughter,a son of his mother, a lover of his beloved, husband and what not but a not a man at least. 16 dec has just become a mere date, people might have thought for some change but still the offender do what he feels to do. There is “no mercy, “no fear” and” no shame”. The definition of rape should be changed , it should emphasise more on culprit’s pleasure rather than victim’s agony and pain .The offenders might born as human but turned devil. 5 out of 10 sees a girl with wrong intention, 3 out of 5 rapes her and 1out of three 3 kills her. The girl is only left with here wrenched soul. A girl in Delhi still have to think a lot more times before stepping out to this cruel world.

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