Israel successfully aces ballistic missile interceptor tests

Jerusalem – Israel announced it tested and passed the Arrow 3 ballistic missile interceptor system on Thursday in collaboration with the USA. The missile struck the mark in space meant to stimulate the flight path of long range weapons held by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, their Defense ministry announced. This achievement is a breakthrough amidst Israeli missile defense systems that are funded by the US extensively. The first attempt of this was aborted due to technical glitches a year ago.

This accomplishment of Arrow system is a major milestone for Israel and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) as these interceptors are made to fly into space, where their warheads separate and become “kamikaze” satellites to track and slam into incoming, nuclear, chemical or biological missiles.

This Arrow 3 missile system sound like a relic from original star wars era program under Ronald Regan administration which was thought by many to be abandoned as impractical but this project between Israeli states owned IAI and US firm Boeing bore fruits now. Israel already has in place world class defenses against low level missiles called Iron Dome

Arrow handles the top tier of an integrated armor built up to withstand various potential missiles. The bottom tier is already in place short-range Iron Dome interceptor, also a system called David’s Sling, due to be inducted next year, will strike down mid-range missiles.

These systems may not be 100% proof, but they do address what is arguable Israel’s biggest susceptibility. Their army is the most fearsome in the region and their air force is equally feared, but a missile strike from afar could still cause awful lot of damage. However now between Iron Dome and Arrow 3, that threat could be mitigated to a great extent.

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