Is The Renault Captur Launch Pushing The Duster Deals?

New Delhi: With the launch of the Captur due on 6 November 6, Renault is going to bring more competition in the SUV segment. The company is expecting to put almost 10,000 models of its new Captur.

The competition is not only with rival brands but with its own existing Duster, which will also be a challenge to the Captur.

Renault recently made headlines with the launch of the Duster’s new model in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, and the Duster is one of the best-selling SUVs for the company worldwide, claimed the company. It is being marketed in over 100 countries and manufactured in 5 countries.

Although the Renault Captur is being positioned premier than the Duster, which is already present in the Indian market, but the Duster has already established itself in the Indian auto market.

The company has smartly unveiled the Captur before the festival season to garner more and more customers. According to the company statement, the Captur is supposed to bring an incremental volume of 20,000-25,000 units in 2018.

Both the Duster and the Captur being the SUV will be fighting to secure more units for the Renault.

These SUVs are in the same price range and the specifications are also not much different, it’s same with the engine specifications.

To make sure that both of its new machines get their dues, Renault has recently announced the launch of new edition of Duster Sandstorm, which is said to have nine new exciting enhancements. That will definitely push the Duster sales.

If Renault will plan to introduce the 2017 Duster in India, then the big question may be how the company will present it in the Indian market. As many international models are quite different from the models that are launched here.

The Captur and the Duster are already giving a tough competition to its fellow competitors, the likes of Hyundai Creta, Skoda Kodiaq and Tata Hexa.

With the launch of the Captur, the company may have to redesign its strategy to push the Duster and the Captur at the same time.

As the expected price of the Captur is between Rs 11-15 lakh, which is a bit higher than the base price of the Duster that is Rs 8.42 lakh, so the cost may also be a factor that can be counted for the less-than-expected sale of the Captur.

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