Iran violated U.N. Ban by October 10th missile Test

UNITED NATIONS – A panel of experts in a classified new report said the medium range Emad rocket tested by Iran on Oct. 10 was a ballistic missile competent of carrying a nuclear warhead, this makes it a transgression of a U.N. Security Council settlement,.
The conclusion of the council’s Experts Panel on Iran can point to calls for widening sanctions against Iran in Washington and other Western capitals.

The Panel in its report stated that “On the basis of its analysis and findings the Panel concludes that Emad launch is a violation by Iran of paragraph 9 of Security Council resolution 1929.”

The 10-page report dated Dec. 11 was analyzed by Reuters on Tuesday; it is expected to come up when the 15-nation bench reviews the Iran sanctions regime.

The report claimed the panel regards ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons to be those that can deliver at least a 500 kg cargo within an ambit of at least 300 km. The Panel gauged that the Emad range was not less than 1,000 km and payload was above 1,000 kg and also the launch was using ballistic missile technology.

The commission identified that Iranian rocket launches from 2012 and 2013 also breached the U.N. ban on ballistic missile tests.

This U.N. announcement could put US President Barack Obama’s government in an amateurish position, since Iran has declared that any recent sanctions would compromise the July 14 nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers. But if Washington declined to ask for sanctions it would likely be anticipated as a sign of vulnerability.

British U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, notified correspondents that it was “absolutely crucial that the Security Council upholds its responsibilities and does respond effectively to what appears to have been a breach.”

The expert panel did not notify about a second missile test that Iran conducted previous month. The panel assembled its report after the United States, France, Germany and Britain in October asked the U.N. sanctions committee to deal with Iran’s test of an Emad missile.

Iran’s U.N. mission did not acknowledge directly to a request for comment. In October Tehran challenged the Western judgment that the missile was competent of delivering a nuclear warhead.

“None of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missiles has been designed for a nuclear capability,” Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister announced at that time.

Security Council resolution 1929, banning ballistic missile tests, was adopted in 2010 and still remains binding until the nuclear deal is realized.

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