Hydrogen bomb tested by North Korea

North Korea declares it successfully tested a miniaturised Hydrogen bomb. The underground detonation took place on Wednesday morning at 10 am (local time) at a familiar nuclear site at Punggy-ri, in the east of the country. The state television announcement acknowledged that the test “worked perfectly” and this step was for “self-defence against the US having numerous and humongous nuclear weapons’.

If this development turns out to be authentic, it would be the fourth nuclear test conducted by North Korea and the first detonation using the hydrogen bomb which is extremely powerful than an atomic bomb. No non-partisan authentication of North Korean claims has been carried out yet. An artificial earthquake of intensity 5.1 was noticed in the neighbourhood of Punggye-ri. “An unusual event in the Korean peninsula” was detected by the UN organisation for keeping an eye on the world for the signs of nuclear testing, however, some authorities and experts have advised that these could be “overblown claims” of a hydrogen bomb being detonated.

The UNSC is meeting on Wednesday (4 pm GMT) to review the claims of North Korea. The White house announced it couldn’t authenticate the Hydrogen bomb test yet but echoed that the USA “will not accept (North Korea) as a nuclear state’. China, North Korea’s closest companion said the test was conducted in defiance of the global community and advised North Korea against such tests as it can worsen the equilibrium on the Korean Peninsula. Australian Foreign minister in a statement announced that this step “confirms North Korea’s status as a rogue state and a continuing threat to international peace and security.” French premier Hollande in a statement issued that “France condemns this unacceptable violation of security council resolutions and calls for a strong reaction from the international community.”

South Korean President Park Geun-hye summoned an emergency national security meeting and is asserting a tough response answer to North Korea’s Hydrogen bomb threat. She announced, “It’s not only grave provocation of our national security but also an act that threatens our lives and future. It’s also a direct challenge to world peace and stability.”

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