Human error led to US air strike in Afghan Hospital killing 30

The US air strike that annihilated a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last month killing 30 was a direct consequence of human error announced US military commander in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Gen. John Campbell, the US commander in Afghanistan briefing correspondents on the outcome of investigations outlined a grevious series of human and technical failures that resulted in a gunship erronously wrecking the medical charity’s hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. American troopers who killed and wounded civilians by the strike have breached the laws of engagement and have been discharged from duty as they await disciplinary action.

Gen. Campbell announced the prudent and planned target was the compound of an Afghan intelligence agency the one believed by Afghan forces to be captured by Taliban during their capture of the city. He added that the airship squad was not aware they were striking the hospital which is on the no strike list.
Investigators further established that neither the troopers who requested nor those who carried out the strike actually verified that a genuine enemy target was being struck. That points to honest doubts about the degree to which American military can trust its Afghani associates as the coordinates and strike call was given by Afghan partners.
One more doubt that arises is just before the hospital strike, another American strike mauled a vacant warehouse on the opposite street from Afghan intelligence headquarters so how can US troopers fumble another location barely a few hours later and when there was no hostile activity, no return fire, why the aircraft struck the hospital again and again.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the findings of the investigation and said:” This US investigation didn’t ignore any facts, admits mistakes that were made, and will enable the authorities to learn from the mistakes and hold people accountable where appropriate.”

President Barack Obama has rued and apologized for the strike against honest civilians, one of the worst in the American war effort.

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