Historic Paris Climate Deal is Done: France

Le Bourget (France) – A French official announced a brand new milestone global deal to fight climate change has been completed after late night negotiations and arbitration, it will be presented to world delegates outside Paris within hours. The official informed that the text of the deal is being translated into other languages before it is being conferred at a special meeting at the Paris climate talks. To Loud applause, spirited Cheers and tears of satisfaction and respite delegates from 195 countries approved the pact to put an end to global warming, giving hope that mankind can usher in an energy revolution and avoid catastrophic climate change. Laurent Fabius concluded a fortnight of excruciating and backbreaking UN negotiations with the bang of a gavel, indicating the unanimity among the delegates who stood for several minutes to clap applaud and cheer their joy.

Fabius broadcasted “I see the room, I see the reaction is positive, I hear no objection. The Paris climate accord is adopted.” Turning to a little green hammer he added: “It may be a small gavel but it can do big things.”

With 2015 estimated to be the hottest year, the world leaders and scientists claimed the accord was critical for capping rising temperatures and avoiding the most calamitous impacts from climate change.

They cautioned of severe floods, droughts and storms, also rising sea levels that would engulf islands and coastal areas inhabited by hundreds of millions of humans. The Climate deal, to take effect from 2020, ends decades-long bone of contention between rich and poor nations (developed, developing and undeveloped countries) over how to execute the multi-trillion-dollar effort to cap global warming and deal with consequences.

The essence of the discord is to check global warming which in turn requires restricting the use of coal, oil and gas for energy, which has chiefly powered riches and abundance since the Industrial Revolution began in the 1700s.

The use of these fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, which cause the earth to heat up and alter our planet’s delicate climate system.

Ending this vicious cycle requires a switch to alternative & cleaner sources, like solar and wind, and developing energy efficiency at the same time.

The Paris COP 21 agreement sets a target of capping the warming of the earth to “well below” 2.0 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) compared with the Industrial Revolution, while aiming for an even more ambitious goal of 1.5C and to achieve this, the emissions of greenhouse gases will need to peak “as soon as possible”, followed by rapid reductions as the accord stated.

“History will remember this day,” Ban Ki Moon, UN Sec Gen said. “The Paris agreement on climate change is a monumental success for the planet and its people.”

The U.N. chief, spoke about traveling the planet to hear sufferers talk about coping up with the effects of climate change, told victims that whole world is listening to them now.

He further added that “the world starts from tomorrow.”

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