Gunmen assaulted Pakistan University; minimum 20 died, 80 injured

Islamabad (Pakistan) — In the latest terrorist onslaught in Pakistan, on Wednesday assassins moved into a college campus covertly using thick, wintry fog, killing minimum 20 people targeting students in apparent revenge for expanding military suppressions.

This attack in the town of Charsadda, about 30 miles (18 miles) from the city of Peshawar, was claimed by a Taliban faction. This strike is likely to unite the whole country for a tough action against Islamist terrorists like the one 13 months after a similar attack at an Army School which killed about 150 students and teachers.

Officials reported that four assumed terrorists were also killed in Wednesday’s bloodshed. Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif swore a “ruthless response,” stating that the aggression was on the whole of Pakistan. An announcement by PM’s office stated, “Cowards and their finances will see our national resolve to eliminate terror.”

The strike accentuated the resilience of Taliban’s militia in the face of a widening campaign of air attacks and other strikes by Pakistan, which has reduced the overall disorder but has not annihilated the terrorist groups that can easily slip away across the Afghanistan border to safe havens.

The Pakistan Taliban seems more and more disintegrated, with some factions approving such soft targets such as schools and other factions asserting that the fight is mainly with the security forces of Pakistan. The main Pakistan Taliban group in addition condemned Wednesday’s attack as “un-Islamic.”

Analysts have time and again reiterated that the Pakistani Taliban is quite capable of doing a bang-up job of headline-grabbing onslaughts, notably in the north-western part of Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban claimed authority for an attack on a Pakistani Air Force base which killed 29 in Peshawar last September.

Wednesday’s attack started about 9 a.m. when at least four gunmen wielding AK-47’s cut through a rear backyard barbed-wire fence into Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Peshawar.

Basit Khan, a student of Computer Sciences narrated “I saw two terrorists standing on the roof. . . . They were shouting, ‘Allahu Akhbar’ ” (God is great), After that I and my friends started running. There were people screaming. We were terrified.” Eyewitnesses described that a number of their fellow university students were shot in the head.

A Pakistani Taliban regional faction — Omar Mansoor from Darra Adam Khel region — claimed the onus for the onslaught. “We have sent four suicide attackers and they have killed dozens of people,” asserted a statement by this group, the same group is also convinced to have been responsible for the Peshawar school attack.

The group further stated that “This is a message to the Pakistani army and civilian leadership, who have executed 130 mujahideen, our people. We will carry out more attacks to take revenge on them.”

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