Five including a teenager arrested for Australia terror attacks

An infamous group of alleged Islamic fanatics is arrested over a plot to attack a governmental building in Sydney, Australia. Police announced that the conspirators were plotting terrorist strikes on various government buildings including the Australian Federal Police Headquarters in Sydney.

A 20 year old man, Ibrahim Ghazzawy and a 15 year old teen (name withheld) from Georges Hall were captured from their homes earlier this morning on account of conspiracy to carry out an act in preparation of a terrorist act. Same afternoon, three more men aged 21, 22 and 22 were arrested and charged with same offence. One of them, the 22 year old inmate is scheduled to appear before Sydney Central Local Court today. The other 21 and 22 year olds on Dec 16 have to appear in front of Sydney Central Local Court. Australian police announcing the charges said that they are more and more anxious about increasing number of teenagers becoming radicalized in the country.

Michael Phelan, AFP Deputy Commissioner announced that Thursday’s charges stem from probes and analysis under operation Appleby in Sydney during September and December2014. Police claim the plotters were involved in forging documents in connection with groundwork to assist, engage or facilitate a person going to undertake a terrorist attack. Mr Phelan added that the plot “clearly talked about a plan and there were government buildings named in those plans, specifically the AFP building.” Mr Phelan also said that the details will eventually come out in the court and he would not comment about how far ahead in planning for these attacks the men allegedly gone.

The conspirators were under constant surveillance since the plots were disrupted last December by Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT). “There has been an ongoing conspiracy we’re alleging,” he told reporters. The teenager was 14 years old when terror plot was being hatched in 2014.

The arrest of the teenage boy came after another 15 year old radicalized teenager, Farhad Jabar was accused of killing the police employee Curtis Cheng.

Catherine Burn, NSW Police deputy commissioner for special operations told, “It’s disturbing that we are continuing to see teenage children in this environment.” “We are charging a 15 year old with a very, very serious offense. This is an offense that has a maximum of life imprisonment. This is concerning not only to us, in law enforcement, this should be concerning to everybody,” she added.

Police announced the latest suspects apprehended are “associates” of those implicated of behind Mr Cheng’s murder.

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