Extremely Important Fact About Gas Cylinder

Hazardous Incidents

The use of LPG has made life easier for women but as simple as it is to use it is equally dangerous for human life.

It is very important in the kitchen. Nowadays We get to hear horrific incidents of gas cylinder bursting. And yet we ignore simple precautions which can save lives.

Special code no

These numbers on gas cylinder which we should check before buying is set on one of the 3 stripes on top of the cylinder. You might have not noticed this special code no.

This number is actually the expiry date of the gas cylinder after due this cylinder can burst.

Expiry Date

In the beginning of these no.s are letters A,B,C,D. The gas companies distribute these 4 letters in months as

A- January, February, March
B- April, May, June
C- July, August, September
D- October, November, December
for eg; If the no. is A-17 it means the expiry date of that cylinder is march 2017. It is hazardous to use after the time given.

If used the cylinder past due date is risky, it can rupture of gas leakage. As a precaution check the code before taking the new gas cylinder.

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