Elementary School Teacher stabbed by ISIS Supporter

PARIS: A teacher was attacked today in a northern suburb of Paris by a hooded man wielding a box cutter and scissors who cited the ISIS terrorist group said sources in the police and prosecutor’s office. As per the local prosecutors, the man was yelling: “This is Daesh. This is a warning.” Daesh is another name for ISIS before taking off from the crime scene, the attacker is still at large, but the inquiry has been taken up by anti-terrorism investigators.

The attack occurred around 7 am in Jean Perrin d’Aubervillers school when the 45-year old elementary school teacher was preparing for his class; he was immediately rushed to the hospital and isn’t believed to have suffered the life-threatening injuries according to the police sources.
Security has been beefed up at other schools as well.

The assailant was clothed in overalls and a balaclava. He turned up without any weapon, but he grabbed a box cutter and a pair of scissors that was lying in one of the classrooms.

Dar-al-Islam, ISIL’s French-language magazine called for its followers to kill teachers in the French education system, labeling them as “enemies of Allah” for teaching secularism and “in open war against the Muslim family” in its November edition.

This assault comes as Paris is on high alert after November 13 massacre that included shootings and suicide bombings in Paris on November 13 that killed 130 people and left 350 injured. That attack saw France institute a three-month long state of emergency which guided a Europe-wide manhunt for suspects involved.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the education minister said the terrorist threat was “real and permanent (and) all public places deserve protection, particularly schools”.

“We will continue to reinforce security measures at schools in a context where schools feel threatened,” she announced.

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