How To Create A Social Media Content Plan

1. Getting from “ This can’t be happening to me” to “ I can’t believe it’s this simple “.

What a scary title isn’t it? What if I told you that it’s not nearly as scary in practice as it is on paper…? Well not really paper since…nobody uses paper anymore, except for the people that uhm…do. But hey, you can’t live without paper, can you?! At least not without toilet paper he — he * weird wink. ( Hey, I’ve never been the funny guy in a group, this is as good as my jokes get. )

Silly introduction aside, almost every person on the planet that has tried to create a Social Media content plan, or has heard these three horrifying words subsequently together has probably had the thought “ Ok, time to abandon ship “ rush to his / her head.

But it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds as I said in the silly introduction. The first time I was introduced to Social Media content planning I had the same though occur to me…until I actually opened Google Sheets and created a table ( there are dozens of ready templates you can use, or like me — you can create your own. To be honest mine looked like a 3 year old toddler had been left home alone with a bunch of crayons and a blank white wall, but hey, it got the job done. )

2. How to get started.

First and foremost, what you have to do is decide which social platforms you are going to be present on. Not all social media platforms are suitable for all kinds of businesses. How do you decide which platforms? Answer: Follow your audience!

“ Thank you captain Obvious, like I i didn’t think of that. But how do I find out where my audience is at?! “ — probably comes to mind. If you don’t know where your audience is at, you have a problem to say the least. But don’t worry there is a simple solution to this seemingly scary problem.

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