Couple arrested after accidentally crashing beach wedding with skinny dipping session

A New Hampshire couple was arrested for ditching their clothes and hopping in the waters off Salisbury Beach where a wedding reception was being held, according to WHDH.

Police told the outlet Zachary Tomko, 29, and Holly O’Neil, 20, were found naked on the beach on Oct. 7, in full view of other beach goers and the wedding reception being held at Seaglass Restaurant.

They were charged with disorderly conduct.

For his part, Tomko told WHDH he could see the building from the water but didn’t know what it was.

“I didn’t know that building was a restaurant. I just thought it was a pier, and I thought, ‘Oh, here’s a spot where we can hide and take our clothes off,'” he explained, according to the news station.

“Come to find out the cops said, ‘Yup, there’s a restaurant right here and there’s a wedding going on,’ I said, ‘Oh.'”

Although officers weren’t amused by Tomko and O’Neil’s brazen stunt, wedding guests seemed to take the incident in stride.

Leah Allen, the bride, told WHDH the site of two skinny dippers made for “a really interesting wedding day.”

She also expressed slight concern for the couple given recent changes in the weather. Allen gave the pair a pat on the back for daring to dart naked into the ocean anyway.

“It’s not the middle of the summer, it’s not warm but good for them for braving the cold water,” Allen said.

Less enthused members of Allen’s wedding party are said to have reported the nude swimmers to police, ABC reported.

Tomko told the outlet their intent was to get in the water before anyone noticed what they were doing. It didn’t pan out that way, however.

“We get to the ocean, like, ‘Alright, if we do it fast, nobody will notice.’ Turns out, everybody noticed,” he said.

The couple pled guilty to disorderly conduct Wednesday and reportedly paid about $275 in court fines stemming from their arrest.

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