Collard Greens, Bacon and Blue Potato Salad

What is that one thing that can bring people from different communities and walks of life together? Yes, you guessed it right – FOOD! And one without which any party or gathering seems incomplete is salads.

Interestingly, salads were merely served as appetizers in the past. Today, they have become much more colorful, tasty and substantial. They are, in fact, served as entrées themselves.

Okay, let’s just cut the chase and let me tell you about a party-favorite salad that you can easily fix. I am talking about collard greens, bacon and potato salad. Jam-packed with goodies and lovely flavors, this salad never fails to impress guests.

I have seen that a lot of people refuse to eat Kale. This is one of the reasons why I came up with an alternative, that is, collard greens. They are delicious when eaten raw and in this salad, tossed with all the other yummy goodies, they become even more delectable. Not to mention, they are nutritious and very healthy.

So, what all do you need to make this salad?

The ingredients that I use to make this salad are items that you probably use every day. Here, take a look…

  • Thinly sliced collard greens
  • Quartered and roasted blue potatoes (but, if you do not have blue potatoes, you can always use white potatoes)
  • Bacon (the more the merrier, right?)
  • Crumbled Stilton cheese
  • Toasted walnuts
  • Hard-boiled quail eggs (Don’t have quail eggs? No problem! You can substitute it with hard-boiled chicken eggs, cut into pieces)

Now, onto the method of cooking…

  • Preheat the oven and during the time, put a large skillet on the stove. Cook the strips of bacon over moderate heat for about 8 minutes or until crisp. Then, transfer the bacons to paper towels and let it rest.
  • Now, take a baking sheet and toss the quartered potatoes, along with the rendered bacon fat (I personally think the bacon fat gives a nice flavor when added to any dish). Season the potatoes with salt and pepper. Let it roast for about 40 minutes or until they are tender and browned. Leave that and allow it to cool.
  • While your potatoes are resting, spread out the walnuts in a pie plate and bake them for approximately 12 minutes or until there is a fragrance. Let it cool down and then, roughly chop them up.
  • Now, let’s move onto the eggs. Take a small saucepan and fill it up with water. Then, put the quail or chicken eggs and make sure that the water covers the eggs. Bring it to a boil and cook for approximately 2 minutes. To cool the eggs, hold them under running water. Peel them and cut them into thin, even slices.
  • Since the individual ingredients are now prepared and ready, it is time to put it together into a tasty salad. Take a large bowl and whisk together olive oil with vinegar, mustard and sugar. To season the dressing, use salt and pepper. Now, add the collards, bacon and potatoes and toss well. Scatter the Stilton cheese and eggs on top and serve.

Wondering what drink to serve with it? I prefer a juicy and robust California rosé. Bon appetit!

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