Any of the odd and bizarre things can become a trend in today’s world that makes us ponder where this world headed. There are some really bizarre trends that have saturated the youth culture and are being recognized everywhere throughout the globe. Let us take a quick look on some of them that will push the limits of what you believed was typical:

1. Solo game

The most recent pattern to reemerge on the Web is the solo game. Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old lady from New York married herself, where she wore her wedding dress and walked the pat alone. Solo game or self-marriage is a recent trend that is picking up fame. Organizations are attempting to benefit from it by offering wedding units, photography offers and meeting.

2. Revealing your butt

Clearly, revealing your butt at delightful places has turned into a challenging trend the Web space. cheeky Exploits, an Instagram account has around 225 posts where individuals are pulling their bottoms down and posturing daringly. Seriously is it a trend to be followed !!!

3. When wearing half of the jeans is a style statement

So somebody chooses to appear in “fifty-fifty” pants, that is, a leg secured with the pieces of denim and one leg simply exposed!some people believed that it may be a closet breakdown, however, it turned out it was deliberately done with a specific end goal to accomplish something else. Gradually everyone began considering this as a fashion trend.

4. The Lollypop Lipstick

The days are gone, when you tried hard to put lipstick without giving it a chance to smudge outside the lip-line. This Lipstick trend makes you put the lipstick and smudge it outside the lip-line, maybe to resemble a hot situation.

5. A destructive amusement called ‘Blue Whale’ which is compelling teenagers to kill themselves severely

Numerous Russian teenagers are conferring suicide, in the wake of playing the destructive game called ‘blue whale’ which provokes them to take their own life. All started on Instagram where the player needs to do horrendous assignments, for example, self-hurt, watching horror movies etc. On the 50th day of the game challenge, the controller advises individuals to kill themselves as a test. Terrifying!

6. Eye Adornments

Extraocular implants is a technique that permits minor metals studs to be embedded in the corner of the eye was created in 2002 in the Netherlands. The Dutch claim that the process is impeccably safe, in spite of the genuine plausibility of the eye breaking!

7. Ecosexuality, intimating with nature

so what do you mean by being ecosexual? these are those individuals who want to engage in sexual relations with a tree and move around in the earth having a climax shrouded in the says there are around 100,000 individuals on the planet who distinguish themselves as ecosexuals. So your contention of it being strange is ‘invalid’.

8. Fake Eyebrows

The idea of making or defining eyebrows with the help of cosmetics is an old task now. many women with thin eyebrows instead of using regular makeup techniques are considering tattooing a better technique. yes, you read it right, women are getting their eyebrows permanently tattooed which reduces their daily effort to make them perfect. but sometimes it really gives a fake look also poor tattoo inks fade eventually giving eyebrows a blue-green hue

9. Heel-less shoes

This is also one of the bizarre fashion trend, the idea behind them being that the wearer needs to stroll on her tiptoes prompting a dainty, delicate walk.But never forget the chances of one to fall.

10. Ear gauges

Earlier is was a tradition that which was followed by the African, Eurasian and American tribes but now youth is making this also a trend even it is a painful and time-consuming technique.

11. Eye Tattoos

Another bizarre trend is getting an eye this kind of a thing, the cornea of the eye is tattooed using syringes to create colorful designs and patterns.imagine how painful it must be.

12. Bagel Heads

In such a trend an individual forehead is made to swell until it produces a bagel-like shape. The strategy includes infusing saline into the skin, which appears as the depression. It goes on for a day or somewhere in the vicinity and slowly disintegrates into the body.

13. Human Barbie

In the Ukrainian city of Odessa, the act of transforming oneself into a ‘living Barbie’ has spread like fierce blaze, and is being known as the ‘Barbie Influenza’. Various plastic surgeries are performed to accomplish the details of the doll – Long hair, big eyes, a full bust, small puffy lips, small waists and curvy hips. The men too are discovering on, and are transforming themselves into Barbie’s partner – Ken.

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