Ban all Muslims entering United States: Donald Trump

Washington – Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in one of his most alienating remarks, officially called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” following the California Carnage.

The suggested ban would be equally applicable to visitors and immigrants as well, it’s like a sweeping prohibition affecting all believers of Islamic ideology who want to come to America. His outrageously offensive remarks came barely a day after Barack Obama called for dismissing the religious tests for entry into the United States, Donald Trump thus joined other Republican candidates in condemning President Obama for not pinpointing radical Islamists as the primary threat.

Repeating his pledge, in his campaign rally in South Carolina Donald Trump announced to loud cheers, “We have no choice” issuing a caution he added if we are not careful more 9/11 style attacks can happen. According to Pew Research the campaign stated, there is a huge anti American hatred in the large sections of the Muslim world. Very recently a poll conducted by Centre for security policy released its findings stating that 25% of the polled agreed about the violence against America as a part of global Jihad and 51% agreed that American Muslims should have the alternative of being governed according to Shariah.

Trump’s statement was promptly slammed by other presidential aspirants.
Hillary Clinton, democratic presidential candidate termed Trump’s statement as “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive”.Jeb Bush, Trump’s rival republican candidate termed Donald Trump “unhinged, .“
Dick Cheney, former US vice-president said Trump’s idea “goes against everything we stand for and believe in.”

Donald Trump’s proclamation was overwhelmingly denounced in Pakistan and Indonesia as well, rejecting Trump as a fanatic who promoted violence. One of Pakistan’s most prominent human rights lawyers, Asma Jahangir said that this statement is so absurd that I don’t even wish to react to it. Din Syamsuddin, chief of Indonesia’a second largest Muslim organization said Trump’s statements were a joke and that it’s laughable considering America is going to ban people entering in today’s globalized world.

Donald Trump’s has been increasing Islamophobic rhetoric for quite some time and it seems like tapping into the pulse of palpable Islamophobia in America. Even before the Paris attacks now Americans are more afraid of Terrorist attacks and less forgiving of Muslims. A majority of 56% Americans think that Islam is against American values and way of life shows a survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute in Sept 2015. Arizona Republican Senator John McCain also rubbished Trump’s idea as just foolish. But will it hurt or help Donald Trump’s campaign? “I have no idea,” McCain replied

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