An Explanation How Mobile App is Quickly Outpacing other Forms of Marketing

The use of mobile apps for businesses has increased and most small business owners also look to incorporate this aspect to succeed. But that’s just like jumping on the bandwagon without giving it a second thought. If you ask me if there’s a need for an app for your business, my answer will be in in affirmative. Even though I don’t know yet what is your business or the product you are trying to sell, the need for an app is virtually universal these days apart from few exceptions.

There is a simple process through which you can have a good idea about whether you need the support of app developers to create a mobile app for your product or service. Just have a look at the following questions:

  • Would you benefit from having the ability to be to connect to your customers round the clock?
  • Can you offer a fun and productive way to interact with them?
  • Will your business benefit from a mobile app?

If the answer for both the questions is in affirmative, then you definitely need an app. The answer for the second question is tricky as you won’t tell with full conviction know until you’ll get an app in its final form. The third question is the most easy to loot at but the most difficult to answer. It is really tempting to have a mobile app for your business but exactly how you’ll benefit from it is the million dollar question. Let’s look at this aspect in a bit detail now.

How your Business can Benefit from a Mobile App?

Your business will only benefit from a mobile app if it provides benefits to the people using it. If you’ll provide an app with rewards and discount offers, it’ll definitely click. But not every startups/small business can afford this luxury right from the start. So leaving out this aspect, the first two aspects are all what you can offer to your customer. Here you should define a standard that upon achieving a certain level that you will term it as a success for your app.

Marketing your product through an app is the future but still there are companies who are reaching to their customers via other mediums too. Let’s compare Social media and Email marketing with mobile app to know what can be the consequences and what the past data tell us.

Social Media vs. Mobile Apps

While social media is dominating the marketing landscape, the apps is also a force to reckon with. The main difference is that people use social media platforms for hanging out with their friends and relatives, check on what’s happening in the world or post updates about their daily lives. That’s why when you offer something resembles to an advert or a post which try to market your product, it may be not taken seriously or as an intrusion to their privacy.

Through an app, however, you are free to offer your customers whatever information you want to provide concerning your company, product, updates, customer support, etc. So basically a mobile app has an edge over social media platforms in terms of offering the information.

Email Marketing vs. Mobile Apps

Email marketing is probably the earliest form of online marketing that still works for some businesses. But it’s losing steam very quickly. There are lots of evidence that it is actually happening. As a startup looking to get more leads for your business, even if you have valid and current email addresses list to use, there is no guarantee that people will read the full content of the email. In the most likely scenario, you will not be able to cover your cost from an email marketing campaign as chances are remote that it will benefit your business.

Mobile apps on the other hand use “Push Notifications” to display messages that pop up on a smartphone/mobile device. The app can use this feature regardless the fact that a user is actually using the app or the device. This aspect alone is a major advantage for the app over email marketing which is becoming a dead strategy with each passing day. Keeping in mind the cost and ROI, this one is certainly not for the faint hearted, in our case, startups/small business owners.

Final Word

I think by now, you must have realized that whether you should go for a mobile app for your venture right now or not. But it is certainly the future of marketing. Leave your comments at the end so that I can know your views and make this blog better in the future.

Author Bio:

Muneeb Qadar is a skilled digital marketer and offer his services to a number of companies, particularly in UAE and MENA region. He works for Dubai Monsters – Mobile App Development Company for over 5 years now. About his interests and hobbies, he is a die-hard fan of Marvel Comics from his childhood. He looks for inspiration towards his work from any source and believes that lessons from the Super heroes’ adventure keep him motivated to work harder to achieve his goals. You can get in touch with him for any online marketing campaign.

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